TCS US4150 Advanced Application Thermostat

TCS US4150 Advanced Application Thermostat

TCS SZ1017a Programmable 7-Day
Modulating Thermostat

TCS SZ1017a Programmable 7-Day Modulating Thermostat

TCS SZ1009 Conventional Heating & Cooling Thermostats with Heat Pump Mode

7-Day Conventional/Heat Pump Programmable Thermostat control of fan and 1 stage heat and 1 stage cool
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The SZ1009 is a microprocessor-based programmable thermostats designed for conventional heating and cooling applications with optional heat pump mode. The SZ1009 features a 7-day time clock.

Features and benefits

  • Stand-alone or network operation
  • 7-day time clock w/4 occupied period per day
  • Discharge air sensor input with high and low limits
  • Outdoor air sensor input with heating and cooling lockouts
  • Adjustable delay on start-up and power-up for soft starts
  • P+I control option
  • Smart recovery
  • No battery backup required
  • Minimum on/off times for HVAC equipment protection
  • 32-character LCD display
  • Six status LEDs
  • Remote room sensing capability
  • User setpoint adjustment limits
  • Local and remote override capability
  • System and fan switching with access lockouts
  • Fan interlock safety option
  • Filter service input and indication
  • Equipment monitoring inputs and indication
  • External time clock input
  • Energy management input for setpoint shift
  • Access to programming or schedule may be locked out or limited with the use of an access code
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display
  • Uses ZigBee protocol, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant*
  • Self-healing, "plug & play" mesh network*
  • 100mW output at 2.4 GHz*
  • 150 to 500 feet typical in building range*



Accuracy: +/- 0.5% Display resolution: +/-1°F (0.6°C) Display: 32-character LCD Programming: Front panel keypad or EIA RS485 interface Communications: RS485, half duplex Communications band rate: 9.kbps* Memory backup: Non-volatile EEPROM, no battery required Override: Programmable from 0 to 255 minutes


Ouput: 100 mW at 2.4 GHz Protocol: Zigbee, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant Transmission interval: 5 sec. Antenna: Internal to Unit Power: 24 VAC (unit transformer may be used) Open field range: Gateway = 1000 ft. Router / Repeater = 1000 ft. Bridge = 1000 ft. In building range: 150 to 500 ft. (typical range, actual range depends heavily on building structure, makeup, and layout) Max devices: 40 wireless devices per gateway (QW1010) or multi-bridge (QW2100)


Operating temperature:32 to 131°F (0 to 55°C) Operating humidity: 0 to 100% RH, noncondensing Storage temperature: 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)


Supply voltage: 24 VAC +/- 20% Inputs: Built-in and remote platinum RTDs, momentary override and three digital (dry contact) Range: Room Temp: 40 to 90°F (built-in or remote) Outdoor Air Temp: -40 to 160°F (remote) Discharge Air Temp: 0 to 150°F (remote) Outputs: Three digital (SPST dry contact, 24 VAC @ 2 A max.) Common mode rejection: 100 db @ 60 Hz Power consumption: 8 VA max.

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