PID Bootcamp (1 Seat)

PID Bootcamp (1 Seat)

Niagara Basics (1 Seat)

Standalone 1 Seat Access for 1 Year to Niagara Basics Program
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Niagara Basics: A resource that can be utilized in the field to perform day-to-day tasks, Niagara Basics provides on-demand access to a growing library of quality video lessons that guide you through performing the most common Niagara tasks. This course is the perfect resource to help you continue doing your day to day tasks after attending Niagara TCP

Course Objectives:

- Execute common controls tasks using Niagara workbench

- Design and commission a JACE using Niagara workbench

- Understand the capabilities of workbench to include, the Niagara Platform, Drives, Services, Graphics, Objects, Extensions, Views, Users, and more

Some Key Topics:

- How to use the commissioning wizard to commission JACEs

- Learn the five different pieces of BAS hardware and how each piece functions within a full-blown BAS

- How to setup the Niagara Platform Daemon and all of it's modules

- How to add a JACE to a network

- The Niagara object model, facets, folders, and object parameters

- How to creat e a BACnet trunk and discover BACnet devices and objects

- How to setup the Niagara GUI including, graphics, hierarchies, point extensions, bFormatting, and schedules

- How to write simple programs in wiresheet

- How to use the Niagara Palette and how to write simple programs using kitControl

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