HBX THM-0500

Wi-Fi Zoning System Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat
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HBX THM-0500


The THM-0500 is a 4 stage full programmable P.I.D thermostat designed for Hydronic and forced air heating and cooling systems. The large, full graphic display with a low profile is easy to read and simple to navigate using the touch screen control. When connected to the internet with the Wi-Fi Zoning system, the HBX Zone mobile app allows you to control the thermostat remotely anytime, anywhere. The THM-0550 thermostat allows for humidity and dew point control.

The THM-0500 is designed to work with the Wi-Fi Zoning System, utilizes only two wires (power and communication) to the ZON-0550 zone control for a quick and simple installation. The thermostat is not a standalone unit.

Geo Mode

The thermostat can handle multiple heating and cooling modes within each zone and also includes a geothermal mode that can operate up to 4 stages for a 2 or 4 pipe geothermal system.

Auxiliary Sensors

The thermostat has two auxiliary sensors inputs that can be used for internal, external floor, or outdoor sensing options. The thermostat includes a universal sensor with a 10' lead.

Schedules/Away Mode

The thermostat also features that fit your lifestyle such as 5 and 2 day programming capabilities and away mode. Away mode will override the schedule to lower the temperature and increase energy savings.

THM-0550 - Humidity and Dew Point

The THM-0550 version will allow for humidity and dew point control reducing the number of controls for your heating and cooling system.

NOTE: The THM-0500 is designed to work with the ZON-0550 Zone Control. It is not a standalone unit.

Features & Benefits

  • Remote Access via the HBX Zone App
  • 2 Wire Thermostat(Power and Communication)
  • Multiple Heating and Cooling Modes
  • Auto Changeover
  • Zone Priority
  • Large, Full Color Graphic Touch Display
  • Easy Programming Menus
  • Programmable with 4 Different Setback Options
  • Humidity/Dewpoint Control
  • Geo Mode


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