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HBX CPU-0600

Stand-Alone Boiler Control
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HBX CPU-0600

The CPU-0600 is designed to be a stand-alone Outdoor
Reset Control device. The purpose and function of the
CPU-0600 is to provide control for multiple applications. The
applications are selectable through a full touch screen display
on the programming interface and consist of Boiler, Mixing,
Differential Setpoint, Dual Setpoint and Pump Sequencer. The
CPU-0600 is a Wi-Fi enabled control that allows access through
the HBX Sensorlinx mobile app.

Boiler Control
The use of the CPU-0600 as a Boiler Control allows the
capability to run up to four (4) On/Off boilers, and three (3)
modulating boilers with DHW requirements. Expandability for
more stages is possible with additional CPU-0600 controllers.

Mixing Control
As a Mixing Control, the CPU-0600 has the capability to run
four (4) On/Off Boilers and three (3) modulating boiler. Mixing
types include Modulating Mixing, Floating Action Valve and
Injection Pump

Pump Sequencer
This control allows the system to sequence and cycle pumps,
override pumps and turn the pump off when the outdoor
temperature goes above a certain value (WWSD).

Differential Setpoint Control
The CPU-0600, when selected the control will allow to run a
temperature differential for a setpoint.

Dual Setpoint
This mode is for use when one or two independent setpoints
are needed in a system.

• Remote access for Apple® and
AndroidTM devices via Sensorlinx mobile
• Full-Colour touch screen display
• Control up to 4 on/off boiler stages per
• Control up to 3 modulating boilers (0-10
VDC) per controller
• Expandable up to 16 on/off boiler
stages and/or 12 Modulating boilers.
• DHW control
• Boiler lead lag and rotation on time or
• Boiler and DHW differential
• Multiple pump control options (system,
boiler, DHW)
• Multiple mixing control options
(Injection, Mod, Floating)
• Outdoor temperature reset with WWSD



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