IT for BAS Professionals (1) Seat

IT for BAS Professionals (1) Seat

BAS Protocol Bootcamp (1) Seat

BAS Protocol Bootcamp (1) Seat

BAS Programming Bootcamp (1) Seat

Standalone 1 Seat Access for 1 Year to BAS Programming Bootcamp Program
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BAS Programming Fundamentals is for BAS technicians, operators, designers, programmers, and service personnel who want to learn how to program BAS control sequences and troubleshoot existing BAS programs. It teaches students to program from scratch. They will learn how to use design patterns to rapidly develop programs. Students will also learn how to use design patterns to "reverse engineer" existing programs.

Course Objectives:

- Demonstrate how to program a building automation system

- Utilize design patterns and systems thinking to implement sequences

- Develop 3 full programs from scratch utilizing the programming process

Some Key Topics:

- What programming is, how it works, and how programs are structured.

- The purpose of points, different point types, and how points are used in programs.

- The different logic blocks, what each logic block is used for, how to use each logic block, and when to use each logic block.

- What design patterns are and how to apply design patterns to your BAS programs.

- How to control valves, fans, pumps, dampers, and more with these fundamental design patterns.

- Advanced design patterns like volumetric offset, lead-lag control, CO2 reset, and building static pressure control.

- Three real-world programming challenges that test student learning and application.

- Three common test processes that you will use to test your programs and to troubleshoot existing programs.

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