BAS Fundamentals (1) Seat

BAS Fundamentals (1) Seat

IT for BAS Professionals (1) Seat

IT for BAS Professionals (1) Seat

Control Sequence Fundamentals (1) Seat

Standalone 1 Seat Access for 1 Year to Control Sequence Fundamentals Program
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Control Sequence Fundamentals provides a comprehensive study of HVAC control sequences. This course combines theory with more than a decade’s experience working on some of the world’s most complex BAS projects. Students will learn the why behind BAS control strategies and will leave with a solid understanding of “how” systems work.

Course Objectives

Master how HVAC systems function and how to control them Demonstrate knowledge of BAS controls theory in HVAC systems - Develop the ability to make design and programming decisions based on system requirementsSome

Key Topics:

- Learn what control sequences are and how control sequences are structured.

- Master the step-by-step process of interpreting control sequences.

- Create the foundational system knowledge that allows the student to understand the relationship between space control and upstream systems.

- Discover the different ways of controlling and conditioning the airstream along with the interrelationships between air systems and water systems.

- Learn what hot water systems are, how they are controlled, and how other systems interact with and influence hot water systems.

- Gain an awareness of how and why chilled water systems are used, the methods and processes that control chilled water systems, and the limitations of chilled water systems.

- Learn what the different strategies for pumping and piping are and how these strategies affect the control and efficiency of water-based heating and cooling.

- Learn how unitary systems are controlled and how they effect existing building systems.

- Learn what a 2-pipe system is and how to properly control building systems that are supplied by 2-pipe systems./

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