BAS Standards Course (1 Seat)

BAS Standards Course (1 Seat)

IP Controls Implementation and Design Course (1 Seat)

IP Controls Implementation and Design Course (1 Seat)

Building Automation for Operators (1 Seat)

Standalone 1 Seat Access for 1 Year to Building Automation for Operators
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Building Automation for Operators will teach you everything you need to know in order to use your building automation system to operate your facility. Building a system for a client? Consider packaging this course into the proposal to provide your client with top-notch end-user training on how to use their building automation system.

Course Objectives:

- Demonstrate how to operate a building automation system

- Demonstrate the ability to create basic user, points, graphics, trends, alarms, and schedules

- Demonstrate the ability to perform basic modifications of an existing building automation system

Some Key Topics:

- What a building automation system is and how it is structured

- The purpose of points, different point types, and how points are used in programs

- The different types of BAS devices and servers

- Basic IT fundamentals to enable you to effectively communicate your needs to your IT department

- Fundamental HVAC knowledge to assist in performing your operational tasks

- How to manage user roles and rights in your building automation system

- How to create, configure, and modify trends, alarms, schedules, and graphics to optimize the performance of your building automation system

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