System Integration Bootcamp (1 Seat)

System Integration Bootcamp (1 Seat)

BAS Standards Course (1 Seat)

BAS Standards Course (1 Seat)

BAS for Mechanics (1 Seat)

Standalone 1 Seat Access for 1 Year to BAS for Mechanics
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BAS for Mechanics enables your mechanical service technicians to rapidly diagnose whether a site issue is a mechanical problem or a building automation controls issue.

Course Objectives:

- Demonstrate the ability to determine if a site issue is caused by the control system

- Utilize hand's on exercises to create project scopes and estimates

- Identify project risks and demonstrate the ability to implement pricing strategies to provide a competitive estimate

Some Key Topics:

- Understand what BAS components are and when to use each one

- Familiarize yourself with electrical concepts to effectively price subcontracted labor

- Discuss the construction process and understand the different phases of a construction documentation

- Perform takeoff's and scope evaluations using real-world project documents and scoping checklists

- Learn the key areas to review in specifications and how to determine any potential specification issues

- Discover when (and when not) to utilize the RFI and RFC processes as a sales strategy

- Utilize our Scope Matrix template to perform scope takeoffs and to improve scope clarity

- Learn how to utilize margin and markup as sales tools to beat your competition

- Utilize our checklists and cheat sheets to perform a full-scale scoping and estimating project using real project documents

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