ACI A/20K-FA-50'-PB

ACI A/20K-FA-50'-PB


ACI A/20K-FRZ2"-4X-30'

ACI A/20K-FRZ2"-30'

20,000 Ohm Thermistor, 2" Freezer Probe 316SS, 30'
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ACI A/20K-FRZ2"-30'

The ACI Thermistor Freezer Series features a 3/16” diameter stainless steel probe with a 30 Foot, 3 Conductor, 24 AWG Jacketed Teflon Cable. The sensors in this series are manufactured using ACI’s proven encapsulation process to eliminate the effects of moisture upon the sensors. The probe is designed to be used in a Refrigerated, Freezer or Hydronic applications where a remote sensor must be used. An optional NEMA 4X rated weatherproof enclosure and NIST Certificate is available as referenced in the ordering grid on the back of the product data sheet. Applications: Pharmaceutical, Refrigerators, Freezers, Hydronic Heating, Remote Sensor Applications

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