ACI A/20K-D-8



ACI A/20K-FRZ2"-30'

ACI A/20K-FA-50'-PB

20,000 Ohm Thermistor, Flexible Cable Averaging, 50', Plastic Enclosure
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ACI A/20K-FA-50'-PB

The ACI Thermistor Flexible Averaging Series features an 18 AWG Plenum Rated cable sensing element with two, 12” 22 AWG Etched Teflon colored lead wires to differentiate the sensor types. The sensors in this series are multi-point. Averaging sensors provide a better overall average temperature of the actual air inside larger ducts when compared to that of a single point sensor. All flexible averaging sensors are limited to being used in applications where operating temperatures are limited and high humidity, chemical resistance, and UV light sources aren’t required. Each of the sensing elements is protected using a dual wall adhesive lined heat shrink tubing to provide a basic level of moisture protection. The sensor length should be determined by the size of your duct. Standard enclosure options include a galvanized junction box “-GD” or plastic duct enclosure with hinged cover “-PB”. Each unit includes nylon wire ties and mounts for mounting. Optional copper capillary or universal plastic mounting clips, NEMA/IP Weather proof enclosures and NIST Certificates are available as referenced in the ordering grid on the back of the product data sheet. Applications: Air Handlers, Roof Top Units, Mixed Air/Discharge/Supply Air Temperature Monitoring, Data Centers, Hospitals

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