ACI A/10K-E1-PO-2

ACI A/10K-E1-PO-2"-20'CL2P

ACI A/10K-E1-R2

ACI A/10K-E1-R2

ACI A/10K-E1-R

10,000 Ohm (E1) Thermistor, Room (R)
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ACI A/10K-E1-R

The ACI Thermistor Room Series combines option flexibility with attractive styling in our “-R” style enclosures which include Four-way air flow design too minimize self-heating to the sensor. These enclosures are ordered in a Beige “-R” color. These units are designed to be mounted over a single gang junction box or hole in the wall using drywall anchors. Screw terminal blocks are available for making all connections to your building management system (network). An optional 1/8” Black foam pad with pressure sensitive adhesive is available to insulate the sensor from thermal drafts within the wall or wall surface. A 1/16” Hex driver is needed to secure the cover from being easily removed. All Room sensors are customized to work with your building management system, so a unique, six digit Config ID Code on the outside label so that it is easy to identify and reorder in the future. Please contact ACI for more information regarding the wall mount sensors or to discuss your application in further detail. Other options may be available upon request. The “LCD” option uses two temperature sensors to monitor the ambient air temperature in the space and is factory calibrated at a single point.


Applications: Space Temperature Sensing, Decorative Wall Sensor Applications, Office Buildings, Schools, Colleges, Commercial Buildings, OEM Opportunities


The ACI Thermistor Room is covered by ACI's Five (5) Year Limited Warranty. The warranty can be found in the front of ACI's Sensors & Transmitters catalog, as well as on ACI's website, Www.Workaci.Com.

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