ACI A/1.8K-D-12

ACI A/1.8K-D-12"-PB

ACI A/1.8K-D-4

ACI A/1.8K-D-4"-BB

ACI A/1.8K-D-18"-PB

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ACI A/1.8K-D-18"-PB

1.8K Ohms @ 77 Deg F (25 Deg C) Thermistor The standard plastic duct mount configuration has a mounting flange for quick installation and a foam pad to dampen vibrations. The sensing element is double encapsulated to avoid sensor failures caused by moisture infiltration. ACI duct temperature sensors are designed for HVAC, Building Automation, and light industrial systems. Specific applications include: zone control, air handling units, and temperature monitoring. 

  • Positive temperature coefficient 
  • Double encapsulated sensor
  • Built in mounting flange
  • Easy open/close latch sysetm (no screws)
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