ACI  55000-225APO

ACI 55000-225APO

ACI 55000-328APO

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ACI 55000-328APO

The AFS-460 series differential pressure switches are general purpose proving switches designed to require a manual operator reset following actuation. These pressure switches can be used to sense either positive, negative, or differential air pressure in HVAC and Energy Management applications which require operator interface. The AFS-460 has an input operating range of 0.40” to 12.0” W.C. with an adjustable setpoint range of 0.40” +/- 0.06” to 12” of W.C.. Each unit contains a diaphragm, calibration spring, and a snap-acting SPST-NC (Manual Reset) switch. The sampling connections are located on each side of the diaphragm. They will accept a 0.25” O.D. rigid metallic tubing via the integral compression ferrule and nut. The enclosure cover guards against accidental contact with the “live switch” terminal screws and the setpoint adjustment screw. It also contains a 1/2” conduit knockout in the cover of the enclosure.

ACI differential air pressure switches are designed for HVAC, Building Automation, or light industrial systems.  Typical applications include: building static pressure, filter monitoring, and proof of air flow. 


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